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Global Reformed Seminary

Accreditation of GRS

GRS is a new school with a distinctive and fresh vision that is urgently needed today, a vision that complements, rather than competes with, the work of other existing Christian institutions of higher learning.  New schools do not begin by being accredited prior to offering their first courses; rather, each must go through an accreditation process(typically requiring at least five years).  GRS is committed to pursuing appropriate accreditation as quickly as the accrediting process permits.  Students who apply for admission during the first and foundational years of GRS are pioneers who jointly share the vision of GRS and are prepared to shoulder the responsibility of forging the way for those who will follow.  Theirs is an enduring and special place of honor among the alumni who will follow the trail blazed by them.  Therefore, GRS very carefully screens applicants and weighs admission decisions seriously to ensure that the first cohorts of students (as future GRS alumni) will be in all ways a praise to the Lord and exemplary models of devotion to Christ and of academic excellence.  


A New paradigm for post-graduate theological education: Its meaning and significance:  

The Korean church supports GRS financially and administratively, working together with American churches for global theological education.  In most cases within the USA, Korean churches operate seminaries with Koreans. American churches operate American seminaries having some international faculty and students, but in the main Anglo-American theological schools operate without an in depth understanding and respect for cross-cultural differences.  These are not given prime consideration in most cases so that both the Korean-American and Anglo-American schools operate in a somewhat ethnocentric manner.


  If most of the students seeking a missional-oriented education are first generation Korean students or are students related to the Korean seminaries overseas, the Korean church must direct the program for more effective theological education, handling their cultural issues properly, and at the same time, maintaining the high standard and quality of education in the Anglo-America seminaries.  This is anotherreason we need a new paradigm in theological education in this global era. 


Purpose of GRS

GRS exists to provide graduate level education and training for pastors, missionaries, teachers, and other interested parties.  GRS does so by the following:


  1. Glorifying God through training and equipping God’s people to transform the world with the Gospel and to accomplish the Great Commission.

  2. Providing mission-oriented highest degree programs in order to equip global leaders for church revitalization and for missions based upon a clear Reformed theological framework.

  3. Supporting theological education for international seminaries as a global center for developing next generation church and missions leaders in a global theological educational partnership.

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