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Main values of GRS

GRS is committed to the following values:

  • Truth, as it is defined by God in His complete Word, the Bible.

  • Cultivating a holy life as light piercing a spiritually darkened world.

  • Vision of building the global Church as the missional body of Christ.

  • Commitment to building transformed leaders whom God may use to transform the world.

  • Excellence as an expression of stewardship before God in order to adorn the Lordship of Christ in all things. 

GRS values devotion to Christ and service to his universal body, striving for academic excellence as an important means to that end.  The Seminary from its first courses onward holds up a high bar for quality faculty instruction and for student achievement.  GRS faculty members are distinguished and widely recognized authorities within their disciplines.  In addition, acquiring and maintaining recognition by appropriate accreditation associations is from the outset a goal of GRS.

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