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Non Discrimination Policy Statement

Global Reformed Seminary does not discriminate in admissions on the basis of race, sex or handicap. All students admitted under this policy are assured that race, sex or handicap will play no role in the Seminary’s administration of policies set forth in this catalog.


Prerequisite requirements for degree seeking students vary according to degree level.  Applicants for a Master’s Level program must have an earned bachelor’s degree from an approved school. However, certificates may be earned without an undergraduate degree. Applicants to the doctoral programs must have a master’s degree from an approved school. Additionally, more specific prerequisites may apply to individual programs. Applicants should refer to the degree listings in the catalog for further information. The Academic Dean reviews all applications. The Academic Dean and President evaluate schools to determine acceptability of prerequisite degrees and transfer credits.

Based upon the above prerequisites, due to GRS’ focus on intercultural studies and missions, Doctoral students (Ph.D/ICSM and D. Min/ICM) are required the following for the doctoral study at GRS. 

1) Applicants must have completed

  • the undergraduate bachelors (B.A. or B.S.) and

  • Masters level degree programs (i.e., M.Div. for D. Min.; M.Div., or M.A. for the Ph. D.) or their equivalent from an accredited institution.

2) Applicants must have served as a pastor, missionary or a lay professional Bible teacher in an approved Christian organization.

  • Pastors must have served in a ministry position for at least 5 years after ordination.

  • Missionaries must have served in a mission field for at least 5 years after being sent.

3) Applicants must be a member of an approved denomination.

4) Applicants must submit references from a former professor and from their denomination.

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